All About Wood Slabs

We carry live edge wood slabs from many species including walnut, maple, red oak, white oak, poplar, and more.

We source our wood slabs from regional arborists and construction companies that would otherwise haul these beautiful large tree trunks to the landfill.

Our process of preparing live edge wood slabs can take over three years before they are ready to be displayed in our warehouse.

First, we cut the slabs on one of our three sawmills and then stack them in covered sheds to air dry for up to 3 years.

When ready, the wood slabs then go into the kiln for up to 8 weeks to reduce their moisture content to below 10%.

As the kiln process is finishing, we bring the temperature up to 150º F to kill any insects and larvae that may be hiding in the wood.

The final step involves the time-consuming process of flattening each live edge wood slab so they are ready to be used.